Windey Makes Chinese Wind Turbines Stand in Serbia for the First Time

Time:2023-06-27 Number:0 From:Windey

Recently, Windey's first wind power project in Serbia, the Balkan Alibunar-I project in Serbia, has completed the lifting of all three WTGS, marking the first landing of the Chinese wind power brand in Serbia and another successful practice of Windey's "offshore and overseas" strategy.



It is reported that the Balkan Alibunar-I project in Serbia is located in Alibunar Town, South Banat District, Serbia. A total of three WTGS with the hub height of 97.5 meters, the impeller diameter of 164 meters and the capacity of 3.3 megawatts. Three WTGS were shipped from Windey's Hangzhou Manufacturing Center, spanning the Eurasian continent and undergoing complex transportation conditions such as land, sea and river transportation, ultimately taking root on this southern European land. The project is expected to achieve full-capacity grid connected power generation in August this year, and will contribute 28 million KWH of clean energy to the local area every year, which is of great significance for promoting the green energy transformation of Serbia, the local economic and social development and the clean energy cooperation between China and Serbia.

To ensure the smooth progress of the project, Windey's overseas project team has concentrated its elite teams, coordinated and controlled various nodes of the project, overcome various unfavorable factors, and completed the WTGS transportation and lifting work as scheduled. The project team demonstrated exquisite technical capabilities, rich on-site lifting experience and the rigorous and serious work attitude throughout the whole project implementation process, and also won the trust and praise of Serbia.

Windey will take this opportunity to continuously improve its service capacity and level, effectively ensure the scheduled delivery and installation and grid connection of subsequent projects in Serbia, and on this basis, continue to expand overseas markets and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.