According to the requirements of talent development strategy, WINDEY provides employees with a clear career development path and rich training ways through systematic, hierarchical and classified talent training programs, so that employees can improve more.

  • YUNXUETANG——Online Learning Platform

Middle and Senior Manager

According to Company Annual Training Plan, WINDEY will invite external excellent expert to train middle and senior managers, which helps managers wide their vision of management and bring new thought and methodology into practical operation. Besides, WINDEY carries out a series of famous enterprise exchange activities with on-site observation and discussion form, and have deep communication with the excellent industry people, in order to boost the growth of the enterprise. Eventually, WINDEY commits to achieve the standardized management of cadre training.

Junior Staff

According to Company Annual Training Plan, Junior staff not only can obtain professional knowledge and practical skills from inside but also can take part in external training to wide vision from outside. In resent years, due to increasing scale of company new staff, WINDEY expand the training scope among junior staff to improve the ability and efficiency of training management through YUNXUETANG—online learning platform.

Graduate Trainee

WINDEY always adheres to the concept of theory combining with practice, around the "Professional Training, Process Training, Wind Field Practice, Department Rotation, Department Dual Confirmed"—Five Steps, WINDEY gradually carries out the training work, which makes the trainees in integrated into the enterprise values, exercise post skills at the same time. Based on Five Steps, WINDEY leads trainees to match company career development dual channel, and then realize their sustainable development of personal career.  During the training period, the tutors of each department will assign professional tasks, so that the students will have a clear purpose and thoughts to study the practical problem, and tutors encourage them to observe the problems in the work with different sights. Therefore, the training effect can get twice the result with half the effort.

YUNXUETANG——Online Learning Platform

YUNXUETANG—Online Learning Platform integrates self-learning, discussing, questioning and examination. On the one hand, as a knowledge base, it has accumulated more than 1,000 courses including basic vocational knowledge and professional technical knowledge. On the other hand, it provides employees with various learning channels and resources through cloud learning and peer-to-peer knowledge push.