Corporate Culture



Bring Green Power to Human by using renewable sources . Return Blue Sky to Nature by Environmentalfriendly solutions

Greenpower is an important indicator for civilization and social development, a harmoniousbridge between human and nature, an inevitable road for sustainabledevelopment.  Therefore, our mission,” BringGreen Power to Human by using renewable sources; Return Blue Sky to Nature byEnvironmental friendly solutions”, meets the goal of Environmental-friendly Societyproposed by the government which is the long-term driving force for us.

Wish the sky get bluer and watergreener. Make every people on this planet enjoy fresher air!

Core of values

Core of valuesCore of values

Running with the wind and following the trendswill bring us more success.Honesty, Sincerity, Morality

Honesty is our core for development. At this critical moment ofrapid expansion, Windey is going to take the opportunity to gain more success;meanwhile, sincerity is our methodology to employees, clients and partners. Weare convinced that by the principle of honesty, sincerity and morality, Windey iscapable of making more contributions to China’s energy structure.




Optimizing Enhancing ReinforcingEstablishing

This is our long-term goal and pre-requisitefor a first-class wind turbine manufacturer
Optimizing means keep optimizing to besuperior to other manufacturers in average personal efficiency and manufacturecosts
Enhancing means enhancing general competitiveness and productprofits
Reinforcing means reinforcing foundationon which the company develops on a rapid and sustainable base.
Establishing means establishing a century-old brand. 

Mission of Windey

Mission of WindeyMission of Windey

Become a new energy service enterprise with leading technology, respected and international competitiveness.