Smart condition monitoring system of wind turbines

The WM series smart condition monitoring system independently developed by Windey mainly covers WM.Smart 1 wind turbine drive chain monitoring system, WM.Tower 1 tower safety and foundation uneven settlement monitoring system, WM.Blade 1 blade health monitoring system, WM.Oil 1 oil quality monitoring system, WM.Bolt 1 bolt condition monitoring system and monitoring systems for other functions. The highly intelligent wind turbine monitoring system with the optimization goal of life cycle health management of wind turbine and its core key equipment, can not only fully perceive and monitor the health condition of the wind turbine operation online, but also obtain the running status of the wind turbine and carry out fault diagnosis and life assessment by using the core algorithm and professional analysis software, which greatly improve the comprehensive operation guarantee level of the wind farm and ensures the safe, efficient and healthy operation of the wind farm in an all-round way.