Official Announcement! Windey Officially Joined the United Nations Global Compact

Time:2023-06-23 Number:0 From:Windey

Recently, Windey officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which not only represents a full affirmation of Windey's continued commitment to its social responsibilities and focus on green development over years, but also is considered a major milestone for Windey's debut on the international stage and continuous enhancement of its international influence.



As a special initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General, the United Nations Global Compact was established in 2000 by Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the United Nations. It is known as the world's largest international organization committed to promoting sustainable business development. UNGC undertakes to mobilize its member companies and stakeholders across the globe to integrate the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, including human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, etc. into their strategies and operations, and enable the businesses to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations by promoting capacity building, building platforms for dialogue and developing innovative cooperation and partnerships.

It will implement the "Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy and promote the global green and low-carbon development.

Windey, as the earliest enterprises of China specializing in new energy technology research and product development, has developed in the field of new energy for 50 years. With the mission of “Bring green power to the human, Return blue sky and green water to the nature”, in response to the proposal of national “30•60” peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality targets, Windey is actively building itself into a modern first-class new energy enterprise focusing on new energy and carbon emission management around new energy and smart grid, energy storage, photovoltaic, hydrogen production and comprehensive energy development, delivering solutions for global energy's transition to green low-carbon development and climate governance.

Up to now, the global installed units of new energy by Windey has reached over 15,000 units, with an installed capacity of more than 30GW. The accumulative power generated by these units hits over 3.6 trillion kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to reduction of carbon emissions by 3.6 billion tons.

Fulfill social responsibilities, and Share the development achievements with the society

As a state-owned enterprise, Windey is always committed to fulfilling the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and continuously creating value for the society, actively devoting itself to public welfare undertakings, standing firm to the national guiding ideology of "Thousands of Towns and Ten Thousand Villages Wind Control Plan". In response to the national strategic goal of "Rural Revitalization", the company is making great efforts to create a "New energy +" common prosperity model, thus sharing the development results of enterprises with the whole society.



Looking into the future, Windey will continue to firmly fulfill its social responsibilities, actively explore the path of high-quality development path of prioritizing ecological conservation and boosting green development. It will work with more than 20,000 enterprises and other stakeholder members of the United Nations Global Compact from 170 countries to promote the global sustainable development.