First in China! Windey Full Power Test Platform for Onshore 13MW WTGS Has Been Put into Operation

Time:2023-06-07 Number:0 From:Windey

On June 7, the first domestic full power test platform for 13MW onshore WTGS was tested at Windey Northern Headquarters (Ulanqab) Intelligent Industry Base and successfully connected to the grid. This marks the official entry of China's onshore WTGS R&D verification into the 10.X era, opening a new chapter in the high-quality development of 10.5kV intermediate-voltage doubly-fed WTGS in China. Xu Guodong, Deputy Chief Engineer of Windey, Hu Shi and Chang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Windey Ulanqab, jointly witnessed this moment.



It is reported that, as the high-power onshore WTGS have gradually entered the era of 6MW, Windey North Headquarters (Ulanqab) Intelligent Industry Base project is the largest (power) domestic WTGS full power test platform tested on land surface, which can provide full power WTGS test for doubly-fed WTGS and semi-direct drive WTGS with voltage of 10.5kV, 1140V AC 13MW and below, and 690V AC 6MW and below after being put into operation. This platform can accurately simulate and test the relevant operation parameters of WTGS, laying a solid foundation for the further development of large-capacity onshore WTGS.

The full power test platform, as a commonly used carrier for product R&D iteration and WTGS quality verification by major wind turbine manufacturers in the wind power industry, plays an important role in closed loop of WTGS product development and quality verification. For large-capacity onshore WTGS, the Ulanqab 13MW full power test platform has advanced design concepts and multiple cutting-edge technologies and intellectual property rights, and has achieved technological breakthroughs in the full-scale test system construction and ground test for large-scale WTGS.

Integral pouring technology without welding spots for steel-concrete power foundation

The reliability of power foundation load-bearing connection and the overall deformation of steel-concrete joint surface during construction are solved through the design of de-welding spots and the improvement of layered pouring technology, which improve the structural reliability and overall anti-vibration performance of the test platform.

Torque closed-loop operation control and multi-source data acquisition and analysis technology

A comprehensive high-speed synchronous data acquisition, intelligent monitoring, multi-source data analysis, and automated output test system is formed, which solves the problems of test compatibility and real-time dynamic simulation and control for WTGS with different voltage levels and models, and improves the overall test efficiency and intelligence level.

Real-time power grid simulation technology of high-capacity power hardware in the loop

It achieves the electromechanical coupling simulation and fatigue test of WTGS grid-connected system under complex grid interaction, proposes typical failure modes and accelerated fatigue test method for grid-connected components, and provides a new approach for exploring the performance evaluation and fatigue life analysis of key WTGS components.



The operation of Ulanqab 13MW full power test platform is another milestone for Windey, following the independent intellectual property rights of 2.X, 3.X, and 6.X full power test platforms. It provides a controllable test environment for WTGS R&D and design, and performance evaluation, greatly improves the design - manufacturing - test - optimization iterative process of large-scale wind power product, and enhances the core competitiveness of large-scale intermediate-voltage doubly-fed models in the wind power industry.