Windey won the "2023 Best Innovative Enterprise Award in China's Energy Storage Industry"

Time:2023-05-24 Number:0 From:Windey

On May 24, the “13th China International Energy Storage Conference” jointly organized by China Industrial Association of Power Sources and more than 230 institutions was held at InterContinental Hangzhou. Windey participated in this event with research achievements in energy storage technology and won the "2023 Best Innovative Enterprise Award in China's Energy Storage Industry" awarded by the organizer during the most influential series of awards in China's energy storage industry.



The Energy Storage Conference lasts for three days, with the theme of "promoting the construction of new energy systems and the high-quality development of the energy storage industry". The Conference actively explores new technologies, formats and models in the energy storage field, promotes deep cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the energy storage industry, promotes collaborative innovation and development of new energy storage and new power systems, and propels high-quality development of the energy storage industry towards digitalization and intelligence.



Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, China's economic development is accelerating towards a new journey of green and low-carbon. As the energy industry enters a new era of zero carbon, the construction process of new power systems with new energy as the main body is constantly accelerating, and the energy storage industry is expected to usher in new development opportunities. As of the end of 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of new energy storage in China has reached 11.5GW, and it is expected that by 2025, the scale of the new energy storage industry in China is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan. At that time, the installed capacity of new energy storage is expected to exceed 30GW, expanding to 10 times its current scale.



As a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of high-end new energy equipment, Windey actively responds to the national call, follows the industry development trend, lays out the energy storage business segments, and independently builds the Wenzhou Dongtou energy storage production base with an annual capacity of 2GWh of high-end energy storage equipment production capacity. In addition, the company can also provide customers with the full life-cycle energy storage system solutions from pre-project consultation, technical scheme design, project application, engineering general contracting, energy storage system equipment supply, acceptance and commissioning to operation and maintenance.



Windey’s energy storage system solutions are built relying on an independent research and development platform and a technical management system, are based on the “generation, transmission, distribution and utilization” core key technical requirements of energy storage in the power system, so as to provide users with the full-scenario application solutions. The system can withstand the test of harsh environments such as high altitude, wind and sand, high salt spray and high humidity, better support the access of a high proportion of renewable energy, and effectively guarantee the consumption of new energy, and is of great significance for promoting green energy transformation, responding to extreme events, ensuring energy security, promoting high-quality energy development, and achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

At this Conference, Windey launched multiple energy storage products, including air-cooled products, liquid cooled products, outdoor cabinets, compartments and offshore wind turbine energy storage systems, all of which adopt integrated design and are characterized by flexible configuration, intelligent control, stability, reliability, simplicity and convenience, and can effectively improve power quality, enhance power system flexibility, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and are suitable for various application scenarios of "power generation, transmission, loading and storage".

With the further confirmation of the dominant position of new energy in the future energy system, energy storage, as an important technology and basic equipment supporting the new power system, will gradually achieve comprehensive market-oriented development in the high-quality development of the energy industry. Windey will continue to drive industrial development through technological innovation, be committed to creating higher quality new energy products, and be dedicated to providing customers with safe, efficient, more economical and more friendly new energy services to help the construction of China's new power system.